Structure Wiring & Infrastructure

When it comes to the physical tech infrastructure and wiring for your business needs, HomeFront can work with you to give your business everything it needs.

Our experienced professionals are up-to-date with every new industry change and emerging technologies and can work to incorporate the details you need into your systems. That includes designing, installing and certifying structured wiring and corresponding communications infrastructure and networks.

The HomeFront team are experts in:

  • Raceway and Cable Tray Installations.
  • Category Cabling.
  • Voice and Video over IP.
  • Fiber transmission – including 100 gigabit capabilities.
  • Cloud-based solutions.
  • Integrated technical solutions.

When you need infrastructure cabling, including installation of wire trays, cable supports, and raceways, for new or existing building, our professionals will work closely with you to design, install and program the right solution for your business.

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