Architectural Lighting and Design

Our technical drawings of lighting design and specifications ensures success. We work closely with Architects and interior designers to provide the very best in lighting design and automation control.

Don’t have a architect or designer? Let our team of experts help you design the system, big or small, that maximizes your prefrences.

Lighting Control and Integration

Just one room or whole-home systems make it easy to set scenes throughout your home to create ambiance and save energy.

Never enter a dark home again! From the touch of your visor control garage door opener, lighting a path into the home is as simple as that. Create a safe entry by turning lights on throughout the home upon arrival.

Always rushing out the door! A quick one touch button located at the door, turns off the lights. Never waste energy again.

Automated Window Treatments

Control daylight with automated shades

The elegance and ambience set when shades quietly drop in the background is a luxury you can afford.

With the built in astronomical clock shades track the sun. Via a sunset and sunrise setting the shades will slowly rise and lower with the sun. Avoid sun burn on flooring and furniture when you are away.